Understanding Life Itself

Thursday, December 15, 2005

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Monday, October 31, 2005

A lot of stuff

A lot of stuff happened this week. It was jammed pack action wrapped up in a week. Although, all I can say is that all I can think about is poop and getting it out of me. So if you want to hear about this weekend read mike's blog. Oh yeah hear our some words: Purdue, school, work, colds, white trash, travel agents not named Nona, BK Lounge, school again, and group projects. All of the words in the latter sentence SUCK! Later shibbys!

Monday, October 24, 2005

I can't take it I have to blog in this class

Big freakin' surprise I'm blogging in my MIS class. Someone told me not to do this, but I'm doing it anyways becasue he can't figure his own exercise out. This is racking my brain, although just to let you know Mike I did the first four questions for the next project so we will have a head start on Sunday. Anyways, I've been experiencing a lot of headaches lately and it sucks! I think school and work are getting to me in a bad way and I just want to sleep for a week straight. Although I would probably find something to gripe about if I just slept all my life too. Fire at the house last night it was cool, but we were rained out so everyone went home early. We blew up some crap so it was fun, although no one fell down but there were lots of hot coals shooting at everyone. Please let us leave! Nothing to really say just had to blog to keep things going. Everyone else except for Mike has been slacking and that isn't cool. One thing that I would like to highlight for the day is that we went to Louie's for lunch and it was awesome, but I paid for it about an hour later. Could you imagine being a toilet? Out of all non-human objects in the world I would definetly not be a toilet(Think about it?). After that we went to the cigar shop so we can smoke at poker night tommorrow at Starbucks. Tommorrow should be a good night, we will see what will be in store. Later shibbys!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Old people suck, but grandmas are nice

Why is it that old people suck, but your grandma is the nicest person ever? From my point of view, old people pop like three ziploc bags of pills a day, drive very slow, and gripe all day for instance "those damn kids!" Although my grandma, or mam-maw as I call her, is one of the greastest people I know. I'm sure this is the case for a lot of people and their grandmas'. My grandma gives me the best birthday and christmas presents, everytime I come over she makes sure that I'm fed, I can just chill out at her house(watch TV, take a nap) and zone out and she lets me have my space, and she offers advice that actually makes sense and I can use. It is crazy that this "grandma figure" is the best person in the world, but her peers are pieces of crap. Does this make sense? I had to blog this because I was feeling sick yesterday and I stopped by her house and she took care of me and that is an awesome grandma. Maybe this is the same way with your grandma, and your yelling at my grandma on the highway, "Move over you old -----(fill in accordingly)." Later shibbys!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hit the deck Mike!

I freakin' had a lot of crapped typed and I accidently deleted it. That was a good blog too. It talked about my weekend: spending time w/ frances, maggie moo's was just ok, and I bought some shirts and boots. Some underage drinkers got busted at Franki's apartment building. HA HA! Saturday: Frances made me breakfast and then I worked all day. Sunday: Worked all day. Sunday night: Poker at Jake's I won. Intimated Jake with phrase, "I'm coming to get you Jakey, Jakey!" Then fire and we blew crap up. Orion and I threw hair mousse bottle in fire and blew Mike away. Funny as hell. Haven't laughed that hard since DJ put peanut butter on his balls. We did the usually talked about poop, UTIs, and girls. Then we all had fun on the couch(couch backflips, tuck and roll!) and I shot a beer can off of Orion's head with a BB gun on the first try. Also we all concurred that stage fright happens when trying to fart on a lighter.
I would also like to say that I think my relationship is developing with Frances. We have gone through some tough times with school, work, and her sickness but we stick together and support each other. It wasn't like the first time when we went out and were responsibilty free, now we respect each other so much and cherish the time we can spend together and I think it's positive factor in our growing relationship. Anything I left out in the blog I deleted must of not been worth posting. Later shibby! Go Colts!